Directed by: Carol Millican
Mark Risley
Written by: Barbara Herdon
Jill Corey
Eleah Horwitz
Release date: January 11, 2000
Running time: 22 minutes
Available on: VHS

Be My Valentine is a special half-hour Valentine's Day episode of the animated series Rugrats.


Part 1Edit

Angelica comes over, dressed up as Cupid. Tommy threw one of Angelica's spent arrows around, which landed on Spike. When it did, Angelica suggested that the Rugrats find another animal for Spike to love, or he'll suffer a "broken heart". The Rugrats eventually found Angelica's kitty, Fluffy, as Spike's potential date. But do dogs and cats really mix? Meanwhile, the grown-ups get ready for a Valentine's Day costume party. Chazz has rented a 1957 Chevy to go along with his costume. But there's one problem that none of the guys could figure out -- how to get the keys out of a locked car.

Part 2Edit

In "Part 2", the Rugrats and the grown-ups are at the party. The grown-ups have fun at the party, while the Rugrats and the other little kids have fun in the playroom. In the playroom, the Rugrats make valentines. Chuckie makes one for his dad, but a little accident makes it a little more special. Phil makes one for Lil, but another girl has a crush on Phil. And Angelica & Susie both make one for the same boy -- Timmy McNulty.