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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 11 April 2020

Easter specials wiki

Would anyone here be interested in helping expand Easter Specials wiki?


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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 15 October 2019

Amigos, Unite!

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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 18 April 2019


Would anybody here be interested in joining an Easter wiki?

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Loco123456 Loco123456 10 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - The Lost Edition Petition: Please Sign

Hello everybody,

A nonprofit organization called "Restore the Magic" needs help in getting 10,000 signatures on their petition. The petition is to help get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The deadline for signing along with reaching the goal is May 1, 2019.

Please sign the petition, and also please share it with others who'd like to see the director's cut too.

Link to petition: http://restorethemagic.org/index.php/tatmr_lost_edition_campaign/

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Have a good day.

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 1 August 2018

Talented Acts

Many things that are with talents are really talented. It takes a matter of practice.

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 18 July 2018

Hilary Laughs It Out

Something funny has gotten Hilary in a laughter. Can Nonny and Deema figure out the affliction to Hilary's laughter.

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 9 May 2018

Nick Jr Mix Ups: Funny Business

Watch as Deema, Blair, Kaz, Stripes and Everett get mixed up in everyday objects.

(Scene from Hilary's Lifelong Adventures play.)

  • Deema: "Huh. What is that."

(Nonny and Hilary cycled past the strange object.)

  • Glimmer: "Hey Guys."
  • Chloe: "Know what's on the path."

(Suddenly, a loud explosion occurred.)

  • Deema: "Yikes!"

(Scene cuts to the Guppies cycling on the path.)

  • Deema: "So you're saying that you've got Shyness Fear, eh."
  • Hilary: "I was only trying to be theatrical literally."
  • Nonny: "As if you ever had a chance."
  • Goby: "Guys."
  • Molly: "C’mon. Stay focus."

(The Guppies cycled around and past the bomb.)

  • Deema: "See. Even everybody...(Screaming)."

(A bomb sends Deema flying into the atmosphere.)

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LegalizeAnythingMuppets LegalizeAnythingMuppets 27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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