• Hilary James Lyall

    Talented Acts

    August 1, 2018 by Hilary James Lyall

    Many things that are with talents are really talented. It takes a matter of practice.

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Something funny has gotten Hilary in a laughter. Can Nonny and Deema figure out the affliction to Hilary's laughter.

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Watch as Deema, Blair, Kaz, Stripes and Everett get mixed up in everyday objects.

    (Scene from Hilary's Lifelong Adventures play.)

    • Deema: "Huh. What is that."

    (Nonny and Hilary cycled past the strange object.)

    • Glimmer: "Hey Guys."
    • Chloe: "Know what's on the path."

    (Suddenly, a loud explosion occurred.)

    • Deema: "Yikes!"

    (Scene cuts to the Guppies cycling on the path.)

    • Deema: "So you're saying that you've got Shyness Fear, eh."
    • Hilary: "I was only trying to be theatrical literally."
    • Nonny: "As if you ever had a chance."
    • Goby: "Guys."
    • Molly: "C’mon. Stay focus."

    (The Guppies cycled around and past the bomb.)

    • Deema: "See. Even everybody...(Screaming)."

    (A bomb sends Deema flying into the atmosphere.)

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  • LegalizeAnythingMuppets

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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