Bride of Po
Directed by: Michael Mullen
Written by: Tom Sheppard
Release date: February 14, 2013
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-Y7

"Bride of Po" is a Valentine's Day-themed episode of the Nickelodeon/DreamWorks television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness , originally aired during the show's second season.


Po saves a young goat girl named Lu-Shi and her father from some ox bandits, but soon finds out that she is engaged to the Dragon Warrior! Po now is faced with the ultimatum to either not marry his fiancée, or be forced to step down as the Dragon Warrior. Throughout the episode, Tigress shows a form of protectiveness over Po, threatening the goat girl. Tigress then finds out that there is another man that Lu Shi is interested in, and she tries to warn Po, only to be accused by him of being jealous, which she denies. In the end, Po is at the alter with Lu Shi but then has second thoughts about the marriage. Lu Shi's father however, insists that the wedding go on, but everyone soon realizes that the father is none other then Junjie, who is Shifu's mortal enemy. Junjie and his furious five battle with Shifu's five, only to escape in the end with Lu Shi. Po chases after him and realizes that Junjie is keeping Lu Shi's boyfriend hostage. He rescues her boyfriend and defeats Junjie. After the fight, Po finds out that Lu Shi's 'boyfriend' is actually her brother and it was only a misunderstanding. At the end of the episode, Lu Shi suggests that she and Po should hang out again, and Po agrees.