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Festival of Lights (The Ghost and Molly McGee).png
Directed by: Johnny Castuciano
Written by: Peri Segel
Release date: November 27, 2021
Rating: TV-Y7

Festival of Lights is the Hanukkah episode of the Disney series The Ghost and Molly McGee.


When a town-wide blackout occurs on the final night of Hanukkah, the people of Brighton seek refuge in Libby's mom's bookstore, the only place in town with light.


On the final night of Hanukkah, the Stein-Torres' invite the McGees to their bookstore "Book Marks the Spot" to help celebrate. Not intimately familiar with the holiday, they are happy to learn more about it, though Scratch as usual is indifferent to it all. They have the whole night set up, but suddenly a blackout occurs. Ms. Stein-Torres puts more gas into their generator, but thinks that it will only hold for an hour. Nevertheless, people come to stay at the store for warmth. Following this, the episode is split into "hours":

Hour One: Scratch is already bored until Libby reveals that she has baked numerous desserts which, due to her upbrining, are filled with fat and oil. Scratch happily sings about eating such delacies, only to burn his tongue.

Hour Two: Libby plays Molly, Darryl and Scratch to dreidel. Despite the intensity of the game, Libby ends up winning the gold coins. Scratch is further angered when he learns that the coins were actually chocolate.

Hour Three: Libby challenges the McGees to a spelling contest and asks them to spell Hanukkah. They all fail and she revals that there are sixteen different spellings, which Molly believes she had unintentionally spelled.

Hour Four: Libby introduces the McGees to a miracle box and asks them to write their miracles down and put them in. Afterwards, she reveals that they are going to read them one by one. Scratch tries to remove his, but fails at every chance he gets. Molly's miracle is that she made a ghost friend, Darryl's miracle is that he "didn't get caught", Ms. Stein-Torres interjects that her miracle is Libby and Sharon's miracle is that the van is still running. Pete is about to read his, but when he realizes that Scratch is avoiding his, he decides to read it aloud. ("I used to haunt a house, now I haunt a home.") The McGees and Libby are moved, annoying Scratch.

Hour Five: Libby does a spoken verse about the history of Hanukkah, much to everyone's delight. Scratch wanders off after growing bored again.

Hour Six: Scratch eats too much latkes.

Hour Seven: As more people come into the store, Ms. Stein-Torres meets Abby, another Jewish woman who reveals that ever since moving has felt distant from her holiday, but is now happy to see other people celebrating it. Ms. Stein-Torres reveals that her menorah has been in her family for generations. Flashback reveals that her grandparents fled Europe with it before settling in New York where every generation of the Stein family has had it. Ms. Stein-Torres is now happy to share it with Libby.

Hour Eight: The generator has managed to run for eight hours straight, only to suddenly stop. Luckily, the power comes back on all over Brighton. Ms. Stein-Torres is about to give more latkes away, but Scratch eats them all.