My Fuzzy Valentine
Directed by: Boohwan Lim

Kyounghee Lim

Written by: Dan Fybel

Rich Rinaldi

Release date: February 10, 2013
Rating: TV-14-DL

My Fuzzy Valentine is the first St. Valentine's Day episode of Bob's Burgers.


Bob tries to sweeten Linda's Valentine's Day with a heart-shaped pancake, but when that doesn't stack up, the kids convince him to let them skip school and help him find the perfect gift for the holiday. Meanwhile, Linda celebrates the day by holding a speed-dating event at the restaurant, but the idea hits a snag.


  • A total of 3.45 million viewers watched this episode, making it the second-least-watched episode of the series, in front of God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins with a low 3.09 million viewers.
  • The episode was originally scheduled to air on February 17, 2013, but was moved to February 10, 2013 with Lindapendent Woman taking its place.
  • Shop: Kookah For Hookah
  • Exterminators: RAT-SO RID-O Pest Control

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