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Seven Days of Kwanzaa.png
Directed by: Bruce Smith
Written by: Wayne D. Stamps, Jr.
Release date: December 7, 2001
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-Y7
Available on: Disney+ & Hulu

Seven Days of Kwanzaa is the Kwanzaa episode of The Proud Family.


As the Proud family goes Christmas shopping, they meet a homeless family. Oscar (of course) doesn't do anything to help them. But Trudy tells Oscar to find the family and give them some money. When Penny and Oscar find them, Penny ask them if they want to have a Christmas dinner with them. They'd love to! But Oscar wouldn't. On Christmas, they arrive seven hours early and presents the Prouds with a fruit cake. Nobody thinks much of it so they give it to Bobby. He throws it out the window! When Penny gives them their presents, they don't seem to like them. Trudy, feeling a bit concerned, asks them. They say that they celebrate Kwanzaa. Oscar asks, "Kwa-whoo?" The family tells the Prouds all about it and celebrate it with them. This may be when the Prouds learn the true meaning of the holidays.