Directed by: Matia Karrell
Written by: Mark B. Perry
Release date: February 13, 1990
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-PG
Available on: DVD

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre" is the Valentine's Day episode of The Wonder Years, originally aired on ABC as the fourteenth episode of the show's third season.


Things get complicated for Kevin when his please-forgive-me valentine meant for Winnie ends up by mistake in the locker of Becky Slater who, because of it, wants to rekindle their short-lived romance. But Kevin informs Becky that the valentine was not meant for her, making her mad at Kevin once again. Therefore, Becky seeks revenge by trying to run Kevin off the sidewalk with her bike; but Curtis Hartsell (Fred Savage's younger brother Ben, playing the role of Cupid) winds up in Becky's path, causing her to crash into Craig Hobson, making a love connection. Kevin seeks advice on love from Mrs. Heimer (the former Miss White) and she tells him to speak from the heart which he does to Winnie, finally confessing that he likes her. Part two of two.

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