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Directed by: Charleen Easton
Written by: David Knott
Release date: February 10, 2007
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-Y7
Available on: iTunes

"The Cupid Effect" is a Valentine's Day-themed episode of the Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible. It originally aired on 10 February 2007.


It's Valentines day at Club Banana and Monique is complaining about a horrible drive-through date she had. She mentions jealously that Kim and Ron probably have something planned for Valentines day, but Kim replies that Ron actually hasn't remembered anything. Ron arrives at Club Banana because Smarty Mart was closed for a while (some animal cages were left open) and Kim reminds him of the day, but Ron tells her he never had a girlfriend on Valentine's Day, to which point he falls silent and realizes that he has a girlfriend, which is Kim. Wade pops up in person and scares Ron by tapping him on the Shoulder, grabbing the Kimmunicator because the batteries have been old and showing her the new X-ray plug-ins. Monique greets him, and as he says hi he suddenly falls in love with her. He wants to ask her out, but Monique doesn't like the age difference and he is too shy to try. Ron decides to help him out, going even as far as to say, "Who's dating Kim Possible?". Suddenly, Wade gets an Idea from Ron to invent a "Cupid Ray" which would make Monique fall in love with him. In the end, they bring Kim and Monique to France, claiming that the Eiffel Tower is in danger (which is actually a plan to get Monique on a date to Wade) and Kim starts to think Ron brought her to Paris for a date, which she finds "so romantic".

Unfortunately, Senor Senior Junior and his father are in France for "Le Goop" gel, and see the Cupid Ray, forming a plan to create a concert of Junior, invite all the women of the world and use the Cupid Ray to make them fall in love with Junior. Team Possible (Along with Monique) make their way to the Concert to thwart the plan, with Wade's suggestion of s grappling belt first, but later disguising Ron and Wade as girls. At first the women did not like Junior's horrible singing, but after Senior amplifies the Cupid ray, Ron accidentaly knocks out Monique's hearing protection, making her crush on Junior. Kim jumps in to stop Junior, but Senior takes off her hearing protection as well, which leaves Wade to deal with Senior and Ron to distract and reclaim Kim from Junior. Wade sneaks in the control room, dodges the bodyguards (who were named "Evil" and "Treachery") and knocks out Senior and destroys the Cupid ray, reversing the effects.