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The Nanny Hanukkah.png
Directed by: Peter Marc Jacobson
Written by: Matthew J. Berman
Ivan Menchell
Release date: December 16, 1998
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-G
Available on: DVD

"The Hanukkah Story" is a Hanukkah-themed episode of the CBS sitcom The Nanny, originally aired as the tenth episode of the show's sixth season.


While excited about celebrating her first Hanukkah with her new husband and family, Maxwell, C.C. and Gracie must drive to Boston in a snowstorm. Fran is worried when they don't arrive on time and learns they have skidded into a ditch. She prays with a nun who stops to comfort her and Max, Gracie, and C.C. arrive. They had enough gas in the car for an hour, but it lasted for 8, just like the first Hanukkah candle. They then have the best "first day of Hanukkah" on the second day.

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