Directed by: Wayne Moss
Written by: Ellis Weiner
Release date: May 11, 1993
Running time: 25 minutes

The Joke's on Schemer is a Shining Time Station April Fool's Day Special.


It is the day before Schemer's favorite holiday (April Fool's Day), and the kids don't know it! They dread his pranks, so they decide to play a trick on him; they tear a page off Stacy's calendar, so it reads April first. He walks in, and seeing this, exclaims that everyone's going to be out to get him or he gets kicked out. So he rigs up a bunch of pranks, including whoopie cushions, "Ararararar Teeth", and lines the entrance to the arcade with "Super Sticky Space-Age Goo". However, everyone thinks that he is even weirder than usual, and it just so happens that J.B. King is coming so he can renew his arcade lease. It would've worked out, but he regarded the whole thing as a big joke, and shredded it! Soon, he discovers the kids' prank-just as some movers start packing up the arcade machines!