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The Turkey That Came to Dinner.jpg
Directed by: Ennio Torresan, Jr.
Written by: Bill Steinkellner and Cheri Steinkellner
Release date: March 22, 2002
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-Y
Available on: Disney+

"The Turkey That Came to Dinner" is the Thanksgiving episode of Teacher's Pet that debuted on Toon Disney on March 22, 2002.


It's Thanksgiving, and Leonard's grandmother Grandma Rose (who is also Mary Lou's mother) is visiting for the holidays. Since she is allergic to the pets, they have to stay in the laundry room. After she arrives, she brings in a live turkey from her friend's garage sale for dinner, as the pets try to find a way to prevent this from happening. In the meantime, Spot becomes disdained with Leonard because he promised to check up on them every few minutes or so. This never happens though because Leonard's grandmother brought over an old retro video gaming system, to which Leonard slowly becomes addicted to.


Voice actress/actor Character(s)
Nathan Lane Spot Helperman / Scott Leadready II
Shaun Fleming Leonard Helperman
Debra Jo Rupp Mary Lou Helperman
Jerry Stiller Pretty Boy
David Ogden Stiers Mr. Jolly, The Blob
William Sanderson Lurkey
Betty White Grandma Rose

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