The Valentine Curse

The Valentine Curse is the Valentine's Day episode of the teen sitcom Girlstuff/Boystuff.


St. Valentine's Day is coming soon and they're really excited, but is it all in their mind.


Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and the gang starts to stress about candygrams and dates for the big day. Ben gets a mysterious candygram, and he fantasizes about who it could be from. Jason tries to decide between two potential dates. Simon can't even get one. Talia thinks that Colin has sent her a candygram. Reanne is spooked from her previous Valentine's Day experiences, and she believes that she has been cursed. She boycotts Valentine's Day. But despite her desperate attempts to stay away from anything Valentine, she still ends up ruining it for someone else!


Girlstuff Boystuff Episode 18

Girlstuff Boystuff Episode 18