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There Will Be Bad Blood is the first Thanksgiving episode of the animated sitcom American Dad!. It originally aired on 28 November 2010.


It’s Thanksgiving in Langley Falls, and as usual, Stan invites his half-brother, Rusty, over to show off his cornucopia of wealth and good fortune, believing him to be poor. But when Steve becomes too demanding as the only remaining child in the household after his sister's marriage Stan decides to take him to Rusty's house to make him appreciate what he has. But when they arrive they find out that that Rusty is far wealthier than he led on, having taken what their great-grandfather believed was worthless land and now earning 18 million a year in copper deposits. Stan and the family return home depressed and when Stan stews over his choice to take a mere $20,000 from his great-grandfather's estate which he promptly lost on the bus, believes he is the rightful owner of the land. Stan and the family return to the house and kidnap Rusty and his family, forcibly transplanting them to their old house while the Smith's move into theirs. Rusty and his security staff return and forcibly eject the Smith's, pledging to kill Stan if he returns. During a temper tantrum on the helicopter flight out, Stan knocks out the pilot causing the helicopter crash. As the mangled helicopter pilot goes off in seach of help, Stan decides he can return to try to take the house from Rusty again. Following Roger's advice, they soon become completely lost. Freezing in the cold night, they are found by Jeff and Hayley. Dining on a Thanksgiving dinner of turkey jerky, Stan realizes how much he really has and reconciles with Hayley, inviting her and Jeff to live with them. Rusty finds them and threatens to shoot Stan but is startled by the returning helicopter pilot and shoots him instead, allowing the Smith's to escape.


  • Promo images displayed a Mr. Pibb bottle on the kitchen counter top. This was changed to a generic bottle of root beer in the broadcast.
  • The song played when Roger is in front of the wolf is "Open Arms" by Journey.
  • After five episodes, Hayley has reconciled with her parents.
  • Roger is shown to be visibly suffering the effects of being in the cold, yet he was immune to freezing previously in "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever" as low temperatures are a feature of his home planet.
  • Steve's video game system, the X-Cube, is a portmanteau of Xbox and GameCube.

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